St. John’s Children’s Soft Space
In God’s name we play! In the rear of the sanctuary, near the ushers, you will find a special nursery space created for our marvelous (and sometimes restless) children.

It is designed to enable our kids to move around a little more than in the pews but still allow them (and their adults) to enjoy the prayers, songs and sermon. Even the smallest among us can benefit from all that goes on around them, but sometimes the “quiet” times are just a little long for them.

So, if before the sermon, or during the long prayer time, or heck, anytime you and they would benefit from a little more space, please come back to our Soft Space and relax, let them play quietly (there will be a basket of quiet things to play with), and still soak in the love that Jesus has for all of us. Feel free to come and go from the pew as needed. Do you a have a little older (school age) child that you don’t want to leave in the pew alone? Bring them back too! There are chairs for the non-floor sitters and carpet for the kids.

All are welcome with their adult(s) to come to this kid friendly spot. At this time, our nursery is not staffed on Sunday mornings.

We only ask that you are respectful of the toys provided and clean up after you are done.

Children 3 years old through 3rd grade are invited to Children’s Chapel during the 8:00am worship service.

Children’s Chapel
Children from pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to the Children’s Chapel for an age appropriate worship experience on Sunday mornings.

Children’s Chapel takes place during our 8AM service. Bring the kids by before service and we’ll bring them back to join your family for communion.

The worship experience includes singing, a bible story, discussion, prayer, art, and instruction about worship.

Sunday School
And don’t forget about our 9:00 am (ages 3-18) Sunday School!