Weddings are generally done at St. John’s for those who are part of our parish life. The Wedding service includes one of the forms in the Book of Common Prayer and follows the regulations of the Episcopal Church regarding holy matrimony.

The first step is a discussion with our rector, Father Adam Trambley. You may reach him at our church office (724-347-4501). He will schedule an appointment to discuss details of the pre-marital counseling and the wedding. Dates should not be set before a conversation with our priest. Depending on circumstance, the date may not be able to be set until farther along in the process of counseling and preparation.

Neither St. John’s nor our clergy charge a fee for performing a wedding. Many couples do decide to make a generous donation to our Alms Fund, which allows us to help those in need in our communities.

Our Director of Music & Organist at St. John’s is Ron Gracilla. He handles all musical arrangements for weddings and may be reached at the church office. His fee for a wedding begins at $150.00

We request a check for $25.00, made out to Flo Betts, who cleans up after weddings at St. John’s.

Flowers may be ordered from local florists to put in the two vases on the high altar. Most florists know and understand what is permitted and allowed. In general, no other flowers are allowed on or around the altar.

St. John’s requires both an information form and a Declaration of Intent to be submitted early in the process of wedding planning.

Part of the normal and expected preparation at St. John’s for a Christian wedding and marriage is to participate in the New and Renewing at St. John’s sessions and our Adult Faith Formation series.